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In many animal species, mature males are much larger than mature females. This size difference can be attribu?
In many animal species, mature males are much larger than mature females. This size difference can be attributed to

A)males having a diet that is quantitatively or qualitatively better than that of females. B)male hormones having a more positive effect on body size than female hormones have.
C)the operation of intrasexual selection.
D)females preferentially selecting larger males as mates.
E)all of the above.
So, to make a long story short - D is the answer - I concur with the previous poster.

Sexual selection. Why do you think "macho" men drive such big trucks? To show off for the ladies, of course.
Where to find mature females in Chicago?
Help! I'm 24 years old and I'm extremely attracted to mature females. However, it's been very difficult for me to find someone that likes their men younger. For the most part, I've found that older females are looking for long term relationships and for someone older.

I would like to meet someone either on-line, or in person. Where is the best place to meet someone in Chicago?
Sorry... I'm in Texas, Darlin !
Why does it seem that FEMALES Mature Faster the MALES mature? Grow up and mature FASTER on a EMOTIONAL level?
* Through out my life it has seemed clear that females mature faster all around and on emotional levels then males do? Why does this take place?
* It seems to me that females are around 2-3 years ahead of males maturity and emotionally then males. Does this statement make sense?
* Please anything else you would to share about this question topic?

* I should say I am 35 year old male.
that's life i'm sure someone on here will give a biological or psychological reason
Do you think females mature sooner than males?
Because females have to deal with feminine issues like having periods and stuff, and so they have to learn why it happens. Males don't have to deal with those kind of biological issues, so they might not learn about the birds and bees until a lot later. Do you think this is why females mature quicker than males, because they learn about human sexuality and making babies sooner than males?
I think that might be part of it, but I think that alot of it just has to do with the brain and how it develops which explains why guys in their 20s are still so immature (well alot of them anyway) but most girls are more mature
Urgent question - What is difference btw matured and not matured brain? When do females and males mature?
WHen i was 14 was I mature? I'm 24 now I feel mature? What has changed in my brain?
Do females mature eariler than males?
What are the main differences between mature and not mature brain?
You think or respond using more then the upper lobes. Maturity has less to do with graduating high school eh? We know what life feels like. What is in the brain? Can a mature brain control everything mentally? The answers are in the three parts of your mind. Depression is a biggie for brain control. First the upper lobes erase a false expectation for life and release a hormone that goes to the stem auto brain to slow your heart and lungs...emotions are also influenced by the aura part of your mind and the aura is influenced by your emotions. Only after the post-puberty aura has been turned on do we recognize that we have an external 'brain' called the body aura. It makes our emotions that control our thoughts and so our actions. Being able to manage your aura or external brain is necessary for a stable life. Using medication is not a productive way of anchoring the spiritual aura but it works . Social-sexual activity can be used along with rock music, sunshine, mechanical, dietary and physical activity. If the aura is unduly influenced by others we lose control of our lives.
The external brain can be manipulated. Whatever you decide to do it is good to hold on till the 'wind' changes because it can do just that with time. There is much more to the study of the mind and we cannot ignore it.
Why do females mature faster than males?
All of my female friends are WAY taller than me and are more mature, while I am still just 5 feet tall and can't go one day without making a perverted joke. So what is the deal?
not sure cause i still meet dumb *** women over the age of 21
What do mature females around age 18-20 like in a guy?
There's this girl at church im really into. She's 19 im 20. She's really mature yet down to earrth and I want to approach her, I just wanted to know what girls like her like best in a guy. Especially on beginning impressions, im 6 2, broad shoulders, thin and somewhat built. I have pretty good style as well. Any advice is good :)
Mature females age 18-20??? I don't think that even exists :)
What would you say about a female who is more mature than females older than her?
what would you say about a female who is almost nineteen but is actually more mature than females who are 22!does that make her more of a woman then the females who she is more mature than??well females do mature fast but what if a female is more mature than older women?why might she be more mature?could it be past experience or does it have alot to do with the way a person handles things or what?
I would guess that she was probably either an only guy or a guy who didn't have any siblings close to her age. I would also guess she had a stay at home parent.
A question for mature females in the workplace?
How can I seduce my boss? We are both single, at different times we have shown a mutual attraction. She is around 10 years older than me I am in my 30's. Please let me know the "gentlemanly" way of doing this. My concern is that we both work in a very nosey office and we are both very reserved people.
Find a new job and then do what you ordinarily do if you like someone. It is a VERY bad idea to get involved with your boss however. If y'all like each other that much, one of you needs to find another job.

If you do decide to pursue her, I would say try calling her and asking her out to a place very far from where you work or where your other co workers may accidentally pop into. You really would do better to invite her to your house for dinner, maybe, so that you don't run the risk of running into someone. Don't send ANY type of emails to her on work email tho or from your work email. The two of you will have to constantly watch how you interact. Even eye contact is noticeable, especially if you work in a nosey environment.

But main point is it is a bad idea to even try.
If females mature so much faster than males?
why the hell can't I find a female my age(21) who is mature to date?

they're all still stuck up on petty bullcrap, still stuck in a high school mind set and are so insecure it gives me a headache.

because of this I always date older females.

so why do people say females mature quicker?
I feel your pain man. Truth is, stupidity doesn't discriminate.

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