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Young Masturbation???
I started masturbation a couple of times and both times my penis hurt after the sperm come out. I am 12 years old and i am not sure if i am too young and that is why it is hurting. Please tell me why it is hurting. It not really a pain hurt but it can be a sensation that iv never felt before. please tel meh
your not too young. if it is your skin that is hurting, you might be rubbing too hard. if it is the inside thats hurting, that should go away naturally.
Information on masturbation for young teenage girls?
I want to know about the health issues. I've been told that at a young age, masturbating with the help of 'tools' can cause nerve damage and seriously hurt you. What I want to know is the health issues that go with masturbation and also if there is anything recommended as far as 'tools' go for young girls. My mom doesn't want me to end up hurting myself and we both want to know more about this.
~Please & thanks! >///<
I often wonder where on earth these urban myths come from. Masturbation is normal, universally practiced by both sexes, physiological and harmless!
Please help I am very young and addicted to masturbation?
Help me please, I am very young and I am addicted to masturbation. I am not gonna tell my real age as i am too embarrasses to say it. Please help I know that you people always say "Why would you stop its normal and good for your stress" But please I need to stop. I am too young for this please help
I know this is weird but it would help lots!!! If you masturbate several times a day, then make a rule for youself that you can only masturbate once a day. After about Two weeks, keep adding on days. FOr example. After two weeks, you can only masturbate once every two days. After another two weeks of that, once every three days. After another two weeks, once every four days. After another two weeks, once every 5 days. And after another, once every six days Until you're not doing it anymore or as often. Hope this helps!
What are the consequences of continuous masturbation in young males in future especially on their health?
My roommate is 23 yrs old and tells me he started masturbation when he was 14 yrs but can not stop.He however fears if there is any danger ahead as he grows especially on his health.He asked me this question because he thought am reading biology and therefore I might know something about it.
There's really NO adverse consequences of continual masturbation in guys or girls. As long as he doesn't masturbate excessively (that is, so much that he gets sore), there's no real reason to stop. If he wants to cut back, that's fine. If not, that's also fine. Just everything in moderation is all.
What do you think on young masturbation?
what do you think about teenagers masturbating with things like humping pillows and things like that?
Whatever works for them. At least they aren't spreading STD's or making unwanted pregnancies.
Am i too young for masturbation?
i am a 13 year old girl and lately i have been curious about masturbation. i have masturbated before and i have experimented with porn. i just want to know if i am too young for this stuff and if so, what is old enough to start?
You are never too young for masturbation. NEVER. As anybody who has studied guy development can tell you, it's perfectly normal and harmless for even very young guyren to masturbate.
Will Masturbation at a young age make you have sex at a young age also?
I don't want to master bate if it is going to make me have sex at a younger age.
it shouldnt make you have it at a young age. i'm 16 now and ive been masturbating since i was like 12 and i hit puberty early and i have never had sex yet, and i dont plan on having sex until marriage
How normal is masturbation at a very young age?
If I guy began experimenting when they were too young to even know what sex is, do you think the chances of having been sexually abused are high?
Yes, guyren that have been sexually abused can start masturbating at a young age.
They feel guilty, masturbating is like them abusing themselves..

But don't forget that it's normal for guyren to touch themselves and discover themselves... nothing wrong with that. It's all part of growing up.
How often is suggested masturbation for young adults?
i admit i'm fond of it, i'm 20 by this year
As much as you want! Just dont hurt the more little guy! If you're beating your meat more then once a day I think you should cut back. Less hand time = more time to try and actually get a real girl/guy. If you have a girl/guy and you still need to beat it once a day.... man... your chick isn't handling biz.
Why is masturbation frequently discussed with young boys during health class?
but rarely, if ever discussed with females in health classes?

This topic came up over lunch between some old male and female friends. The men noted they were often told during sex ed that masturbation was a completely healthy and normal activity. One male friend said his teacher even went so far to tell the boys to "whack away." However none of the females nor myself ever heard mention of masturbation during sex ed.
From what I gather this is still common in health classes today.
They mentioned masturabation loads of times when I was at school in my classes so it must just be your school.

What girl didnt just masturbate on instinct though? Its something you do when you are 12 without even thinking about it so you dont really need anyone to tell you

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